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Iconography is the art of using images to depict concepts, objects and functions. It is an essential part of designing user interfaces.

While using off-the-shelf icon libraries, such as Font Awesome, might be feasible if you only need a handful of common icons and you don't mind your interface looking like everyone else's, often they don't quite do the job:

  • the illustration style doesn't fit aesthetically with the brand identity or other visual assets
  • there aren't icons to depict specialist concepts or functions in your software
  • they look too generic
  • performance is an issue, and it's not acceptable to load reams of redundant glyphs and CSS

We design custom icon libraries specifically for applications and brands using the visual language of the brand's visual identity. Since we design the icons, we create icons for the specialist functions or concepts you need.

Our icon libraries are delivered as web fonts with associated CSS or as SVGs.