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User Interface Translation

Translating a user interface into another language is not like translating a book or a document. It doesn’t just require a knowledge of the language itself, but also a knowledge of different countries’ conventions around user interface language use.

As an obvious example a 'Home' button on an English website or app should never be translated literally, since the literal translation of the word would never be used in that context. In Spanish it would be translated as 'Inicio', for example.

More subtle than that, different countries and cultures have different conventions about the capitalisation of text on menus and buttons and for specific classes of nouns: while capitalisation is the norm in some, sentence case is required for others.

We take care of all of that complexity, ensuring that both the words used for UI elements and the capitalisation and presentation are true to the conventions of the locale.

We offer a user interface translation service into all Western languages (Europe and the Americas). We work with standard JSON resource files, ready to be integrated with your application.


Translating the UI text is only part of the picture when it comes to fully internationalising a product. Countries have different conventions for the presentation and abbreviation of dates, numbers (decimal separator, or radix, and thousand separators) and monetary values. Some countries even use different separators depending on whether a number is financial value or a general number.

We can advise on all of the above.